Afro fashion trend 2017

Afro fashion trend 2017

AfroPotTv in counjuction with RaffPromotion present Afro Fashion Trend 2017.Berlin Germany Africa has been getting a lot of attention lately in the fashion world, and for good reason. big talent is entering the international style game with something totally unique. And it’s not just the impeccable designs inspired by the colors, sounds and heritage of the continent that have garnered the attention of some of the biggest players in the industry. These designers are doing fashion on their own terms by putting local resources, artisan skills and sustainable production at the forefront of their business models. While current fashion might be dominated by European designers and brands.

DATE:  Sat. 27/05/2017.

TIME:19.00 Pm.

VENUE: MEKENENE LOUNGE Schillerstr 20.10625.Berlin
HOST: Raf Awolola
GUEST SPEAKER: Ms Cherry Lantum (Fashionist)
MUSIC BY :DJ Bongo Bongo.

 Afro fashion trend 2017
Join us as we presenting afro fashion trend 2017,we make you feel at home by providing African finger food with free wellcome drinks,music, business talk and marketing arena for those who like to purchase African dress.


18254574_10155234816664648_1546713416_n1.This Cute Ganian German-based Ayeh Sandra (Ayeh Collection) fast-fashion brand has been around for a while and is known for its bright African prints and cool, contemporary styles. The label looks to Africa’s heritage, symbols and colors for inspiration and keeps the operation on the home stuff for every part of the production process. Locally sourced materials are high on the company’s priority list and they recently began working with various orgernisation.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-02 at 4.46.13 PM2. Cameroon-born designer *Gillian Dione* looks to Africa’s rich cultural diversity and tribal traditions for inspiration when designing for her eponymous line of women dress. Her eye-catching hues and statement-making prints are anything but subtle, but the out-of-the-box designs are perfect for infusing any wardrobe with new energy and life,as she thought her self how to design cloths andsewing, great talent. Join us on Saturday 27th of may 2017 at Mekenene Lounge Schillerstr 20,10625.Berlin as we are presenting our new collection at Afro Fashion Trend 2017…Berlin

18302419_10155234824964648_1386526865_n3. “Jazz Up Your Life with Dayo&Sizz!”

A touch of cotton, the colorful splendor of paradise, a mixture of craziness and joy, laughter and hope, divine senses, an intuition …

“… Et si c’était cà?”

Dayo&Sizz offers you handmade design: chic, casual or funky. It’s all there.
Walk in and let yourself be carried away in the magic of color: Made with incredible love!

Join us on Saturday 27th of may 2017 at Makenene Lounge Schillerstr 20,10625.Berlin as we are presenting our new collection at Afro Fashion Trend Berlin 2017.

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Gillian Dion
4. Antonin de Bremen 1 is a Togo based in Germany with mens and womens wear brand by a fashion creative of the same name. He started out with womenswear and was soon drawn to menswear, which allowed subtle nuances and Antonini De Bremen 1 for experimentation. Antonini de Bremen is one of African most progressive menswear designers with a portfolio of work that establishes his credibility, locally and internationally.


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